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It's HOTTT, y'all!

My day started with a weather advisory notifying me of the heat index rising to over 100 degrees. So I did what every Mama in south Louisiana did this morning; stumbled to the coffee pot, scalded my tongue, and commenced planning my day.

As the resident FarmHer here at Cockeyed Farms, my chores include feeding the Cockeyed Cluckers, moving their coop (my daily dose of Cockeyed Crossfit), gathering eggs, spreading my leftover fruit and veggie bits to supplement nutrition, feeding and watering the rest of our pets and getting breakfast on the table for my family.

Before breakfast is even over, I am reviewing my meal plan to prepare for supper. I'm usually pretty good at adhering to the old adage: "fail to plan, plan to fail", but this weekend was the exception. I indulged in three glorious days of unbridled fun in the sun with my kiddos and family and neglected my meal plan. (absolutely NO REGRETS) 

Cue this morning, and playing catch up. Also cue Leilani. She is my resident food guru and fellow lover of all New Zealand SavBlanc. We often compare recipes and meal plans and today she mentioned that she spends the summer cleaning her freezers out in an effort to make room for the bounty that hunting season brings every fall. So naturally, I followed her lead. Y'all. I found everything from boudin to homemade ice cream in addition to a few identifiable freezer meals that I tossed. My point is this: under layers of frostbitten shelves I found supper!! And breakfast, and everything to make a huge batch of organic bone broth, and venison tenderloin, and some very dark Dove chocolate that I obviously hid from myself. At the bottom of the freezer I found money. Not in the cash/coin sense, but in the "I  don't have to do Walmart Grocery Pickup for the third time this week" sense. So, if you're busy trying to find something for supper, or you just need* to attack your kid's easter candy that you hid away, go clean your freezer. You can thank me later. Also, stay tuned for my easy peasy crockpot bone broth recipe. <3


You never know what you might find! Supper?

Also boudin.

And Dove chocolate.

And a whole mess of popsicles that I am handing out RIGHT NOW.

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